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Do you want to solve a challenge for the industry? Do you want to work together with other students from all over Europe? Do you want to get in contact with innovative companies? Join the Industry Challenges at the Industrial Technologies conference and challenge your knowledge.

Industrial Technologies 2016 offers talented Masters students & PhD’s an opportunity to work together with other students from all over Europe to figure out the best solution for a real life industrial case and get an exclusive insight in an industrial company.

  • You will experience how far your knowledge will get you when confronted with a real life case from the industry and how you can come up with innovative solutions by working as a team.
  • You will meet the industry and have an opportunity to build your future.
  • The best solution is rewarded with a prize and presented during a Plenary Session of the Conference.

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Nuon turns Magnum-plant into a sustainable super battery

ISPT-project Power to Ammonia enables Nuon to store energy in ammonia

Nuon takes a new direction with her Magnum-plant in Eemshaven. Nuon has commenced research within the Power to Ammonia project of ISPT to find out how the plant can be made to operate CO2 emission free in the future.

Gas-fired power plants offer the most efficient en flexible back-up capacity in times when the supply of wind and solar energy are low, yet these plants are seeing little use. Despite this Nuon sees a future for these power plants. Currently it is impossible to store large quantities of wind and solar power. This means that this sustainable energy cannot be given any use when there is a large supply of wind and solar energy. Together with the other partners in the Power to Ammonia project, Nuon is researching what possibilities there are to convert the oversupply of sustainable energy into ammonia. The ammonia produced using sustainable energy can later be used as a fuel in the power plant which emits no CO2.

Read the full press release.
Also take a look at our press release on Storing Renewable Energy as Ammonia.


ISPT and NL-GUTS help accomplish your Early Adopter Project (EAP2016)

The Early Adopter Projects ( EAP ) programme of Topsector Energy supports energy saving technologies. Within these short term projects, SMEs as technology suppliers, will have the opportunity to test their innovative technology with at least two end-users. Another possible project consortium could exist of a research organization acting as technology owner (IP provider) together with an SME that wishes to market this technology.

ISPT and NL-GUTS can help you reach the criteria, support in setting up the EAP proposal and building the right consortium. During the project we assist with contracts, program administration, project tools and -environment and dissemination to our networks. We foster innovation between technology suppliers and at least two end-users by giving support and making available additional funding of € 7.500 on top of the funding of Topsector Energy for energy efficient innovations.

All Early Adopter Projects that applied for funding at Topsector Energy in 2015 with the support of ISPT and NL-GUTS were granted.

We invite you to launch your project idea in the field of energy-efficiency together with us. This idea will be distributed and judged within the ISPT and NL-GUTS community. ISPT facilitates the project coordinator/technology provider throughout the entire process from project idea up to delivering the official end report.

You can find a project idea template here. Please send the filled out form to before 24 March 2016. Feel free to contact us for extensive information on +31 33 7009796 and ask for Anne van der Zwaan.