Together with you we shape a sustainable process industry

ISPT continuously launches new initiatives that lead to great innovations in processing. We invite you to give us direction and together help shape the initiatives, so that complete alignment with your strategic goals is ensured.
Topics include heat, separation technology, drying, dewatering, water processing, industry 4.0, electrification and reuse of carbon monoxide.
Also we invite you to join our consortia, be inspired by your peers and together continue to build a sustainable process industry. Besides enabling matchmaking ISPT offers support in getting innovation projects up and running.
The first ideation meetings will be held from the 15th of March and onwards. Keep us informed of your ideas by filling out the ideation form and we will get back to you. Or contact directly for more information.
Topsector Energy provides funding for innovations in energy. The funding possibilities for 2017 can be find here.


A Vision for the Future of Process Technology

Chemical process technology is being pushed towards a revolution through changing social context, increased knowledge and growing availability of alternative energy and materials. Future plants will need to be more flexible than today, both in size and operation. A limited number of game-changing technological breakthroughs will lead to significant progress for the industry.

Examples of these advancements are cost effective scalable separations, improved understanding of liquid interactions and exploring the full potential of 3D printing for industry, including the potential use of brand new intelligent construction materials. Industry needs to prepare a shift to flexible plants, that are able to process a mixture of less pure inputs composed of biological and recycled origin, while using electrically powered technologies. This challenge gets an extra dimension because of the variable availability of all these resources. It is no wonder that for such a change, an integral design and optimization of a production plant rather than its individual processes was considered key by many. These are the findings summarized in the EEBLS cluster roadmap, which will serve as a tool to chose the right projects and to focus research efforts in fields with the largest potential. Take a closer look at the future here.