ISPT connects stakeholders from different sectors and disciplines to process technologies whereby process innovation is strengthened and expedited and The Netherlands distinguishes itself in the International innovation landscape.

ISPT’s mission is to realize and maintain an active and open innovation platform for sustainable process technology where all stakeholders can optimally work together within an inspirational and trusted environment thereby maximizing the contribution to (break through) innovations.


ISPT aims to build and maintain a trusted based network in which all relevant partners collaborate on break through innovations. This is achieved by the innovative way of working and by the open and active character of the knowledge infrastructure.


ISPT focuses on the following areas:

  • Research, because collaborative innovations advance the process industry
  • Europe, because the scope of our work transcends the Dutch borders
  • Education, because people drive innovations


Maintaining the trust and confidence of her stakeholders is crucial to ISPT’s objectives. To merit this trust, ISPT conducts herself according to the set of principles as found her Code of Conduct.