The ‘OnderzoekSchool ProcesTechnologie’ (OSPT) is the Netherlands Research School in Process Technology. It is an interuniversity school in the area of Chemical Engineering and Process Technology. OSPT is part of the Innovation Academy of ISPT. On the Innovation Academy website you can find up-to-date information about the OSPT (post graduate) education- and research activities of the collaborating reseach group of the five universities.

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The courses organized by the Dutch Research School in Process Technology (OSPT) are meant primarily for the PhD-students of the OSPT and the post-graduate students following the two-years course ‘designer/developer in the Process Technology’ at one of the Dutch Technical Universities. They have priority with respect to admittance and registration at the courses. However also PhD-students from other research schools and postdocs and staff members from industries and technological institutes can participate.

OSPT is integrated with the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) to further strengthen the relation between education and industry. The office of OSPT is located in Amersfoort at ISPT.


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Topics on offer:

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