The Process Technology Talent Program (PTTP) is the talent program for HBO students that focuses on process technology. PTTP aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge about process technology and the latest innovations. PTTP is part of the “Topsector Energie & Topsector Chemie”.The program comes on top of the HBO studies and consists of technical excellence courses, Industry visits, industrial assignments and an ambassador program.. Lectures are provided by leading experts from institutes, universities and companies all over the Netherlands. Lectures and presentations are in English. The Process Technology Talent Program meets the requirements for a honours program.

Participating students will become part of the network of ISPT partners that covers a wide range of applications and technology, stretching from Food to Bulk Chemistry and from Pharma to the Oil & Gas sector and includes both industry and knowledge institutes. The program covers the latest progress in the fields like: Biorefinery, Advanced Separation technology, Sustainability and Energy Transition, Process intensification, Process system engineering, process Safety and health, Sensoring and Internet of Things, Virtual reality, Maintenance, introduction Analytical Equipment, 21st century skills including creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, And it provides in depth examples of applications in industry.

Employers are very interested in students who participated in the program, since you gain a great deal of extra know-how, build an excellent network and become acquainted with the latest technologies and applications. Participation in the Program therefore provides students with outstanding career prospects and the majority of our students have their internship at one of the program partners.

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More information for Companies
Interested to discover what the Process Technology Talent Program can offer companies and how to join the PTTP as a partner?
Please contact ISPT’s Daniella Vrijling: /  +31 (0) 33 700 97 97

For an additional general introduction to the opportunities towards collaboration with the PTTP, please take a look at the PTTP Partnership Brochure (in Dutch, 2014)

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