KWA corporate advise: a multidisciplinary advisory agency Quality is what you may expect from the KWA corporate advisors. Whether it’s about compliance; sustainability, process technology, realization of a specialization, the customers demand is key. KWA advises about 600 companies (locations). For these relations we provide for over a 1000 projects per year, modest to extensive. Within the Netherlands we are active in every branch and region.
Proxcys B.V. is the world's primary producer of high performance low pressure cGMP compliant radial chromatography equipment. More than a decade of DSP and engineering experience forms the basis for the development of the unique Annular Packing system that results in superior column efficiency, symmetry and packed bed stability. cGMP compliant Laboratory, Pilot and Process columns are available in USP Class VI approved plastics and/or Stainless Steel and come with a comprehensive documentation package. PROXCYS' systems are dedicated for the purification of biologicals from various sources like cell culture, fermentation, homogenates or milk.
PERVATECH is a leading company in the technology of ceramic membranes for pervaporation, gas separation and nanofiltration. The most important drive of the company is “finding a technological and economical solution for difficult separation processes by means of smart combinations of process steps together with the client”. The target is to run the process with less energy, a higher quality of the end products and the reliability of the separation process. Pervaporation is seen as one of the key units for process intensification
FIB Industries
FIB Industries is in de afgelopen 65 jaar uitgegroeid tot een van de grotere spelers op de markt van proces- en drukvaste apparatuur. Overal ter wereld levert en installeert FIB maatwerkproducten van roestvast staal en hooggelegeerde materialen als vitaal onderdeel van hoogtechnologische installaties. Naast apparatenbouw heeft FIB Industries zich toegelegd op het ontwikkelen, bouwen en onderhouden van kelderbierinstallaties:complete biersystemen van brouwerij tot in het glas. Dit betreft een totaalconcept dat tot in het kleinste detail is uitgedacht en doorontwikkeld.
Membraan Applicatie Centrum Twente
The Membrane Application Centre Twente (MACT bv) is an expertise centre for membrane technology. It was founded early 1995 to fill the gap between suppliers of (knowledge about) membrane technology and end-users of the technology in various processes. In March 1997 MACT started with the Membrane Demonstration Centre (MDC) in which various test installations supplied by several manufacturers were installed. These installation have been used for many tests in a broad range of applications. The MDC is also equiped with several analytical facilities.
SolSep BV is one of the most experienced companies on the use of membrane technology in organic solvents. SolSep BV manufactures membranes and modules for ultra- and nanofiltration in solvents like acetone, ethanol, ethyl acetate, benzene, chloroform and many others.
Bodec verdient al sinds 1994 als advies- en ingenieursbureau zijn sporen in de voedingsmiddelenindustrie, (bio)pharma en de chemische industrie. Als expert in procesoptimalisatie biedt Bodec doelgerichte ondersteuning en duurzame oplossingen in scheidingstechnologie en procestechnologie.
Our technology is focused on the use of pressurized carbon dioxide. Most importantly, we don’t make CO2, we use what’s already captured from other industrial processes. CO2 technology is an extremely versatile platform technology. We have customers in the food, pharmaceutical, textile, and process industries to name a few. We provide contract research, participate in collaborative research projects together with other knowledge institutes and companies, as well as perform own risk independent research. When a proprietary technology is ready to go to market we often roll the technology into a spin-off company which focuses on scale-up of the process and commercial sale of the product.
Zeton is in business to provide state-of-the-art lab scale reactor systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and small scale commercial plants as well as unequalled design/build know-how in scale-up of technologies plants for the process industries worldwide.
Top B.V. works for the food industry and its suppliers. Boosting company's profit and improving the quality of their products are our number-one priorities. We apply the latest scientific and technical know-how to this goal. We regard research and devlopement not as a goal in itself but rather as means of improving your innovation process
Perdix Analytical Systems
Perdix Analytical Systems is a manufacturer of in-situ video probes for particle measurements. Our state-of-the-art probes range over application from small volumes until process size volumes. Due to transmission mode illumination and telecentric optics, these probes provide you the best possible image quality.
Avantor Performance Materials is a global leader in performance materials and chemistries -- sophisticated products engineered to help you tackle your new-technology challenges and enable you to support and amplify your performance, increase your speed to market and lower the cost of ownership.
Innovation Concepts
Innovation Concepts B.V. is a company that is involved in various fields of sustainable development. This may involve Products, Processes and Concepts. Environmental and Social concerns are leading our activities (People and Planet and to extent Profit as is generally defined Sustainability). From a wide experience and knowledge, in various sectors, new concepts are developed and implemented. This could include independent activities, as well as activities for others. A scientific basis and possible cooperation with International Universities is essential.
MTSA Technopower
MTSA Technopower ontwerpt, bouwt en onderhoudt klantspecifieke apparaten, installaties en speciaal machines. MTSA Technopower biedt innovatieve totaaloplossingen. Van haalbaarheidsstudie en bouw tot en met inbedrijfstelling en service. Dit door combinatie van procestechnologie, werktuigbouw, elektrotechniek, automatisering en instrumentatie. MTSA Technopower biedt onderscheidende knowhow die, aangepast aan de specifieke klantvraag, gericht kan worden ingezet.
VMEngineering (VME) is an engineering company with offices in Rosmalen and Manchester (UK), which realizes technologically advanced projects in the international food industry.
Phycom was founded in 2009 and has grown into one of the world\'s most innovative cleantech companies. It manufactures and markets essential nutrients for food, feed and pharma. This is realized by cultivating, developing and commercializing algaes, algae production systems and a combination thereof. By continuing to work toward sustainable innovative solutions Phycom will contribute to the closing of mineral chains. Phycom believes that this can be achieved most effectively by entering into partnerships at every level.
Plant One is the test facility for sustainable process technology in the Rijnmond region. Plant One fills the gap between laboratory and full-scale production. Promoting and accelerating sustainable development is an explicit goal of the initiators of Plant One. The petrochemical industry is the biggest energy consumer in the entire industry. Developing smarter and more efficient production methods is therefore high on the agenda in this sector.
DotX Control Solutions
DotX Control Solutions specialises in high performance control system development and the realisation thereof. It develops control solutions for complex industrial challenges and scientific research projects. Our field of work is basically unlimited. The philosophy that we have is that our expertise in control technology and optimisation can be applied to any field of work. At the moment, most of our projects are in the process industry (steel, paper, chemical, water) an in wind energy production (windturbines). Our mission is to be the preferred partner for the industry for supplying products and solutions that improve the control of the process or system.
The IBK Groep represents the highest quality in products and systems for air conditioning, air treatment, compressor overhaul and cooling technology. Of course we also take care of the maintenance of our supplies. The IBK Group is an independent brand. IBK Cooling is a pillar of the IBK Group active in the industrial cooling market. The engineers of ‘Koudetechniek’ design, build, install and maintain innovative cooling systems at high level. For the food and non-food industry. This involves the cooling of dairy products, meat processing, slaughterhouses, breweries, cooling storage, chemical and process industries and sport venues (like ski halls). Regardless of the complexity of the problem, our specialists always find a good solution.
Procede Twente B.V.
Procede is partner for (multi-) national companies and SME's mainly in chemical industry, petroleum industry and food industry, but also in metallurgic industry, textile industry, the power sector and engineering offices. Procede supplies economically sound chemical engineering solutions at a commercial base. Activities of Procede are aimed at cost reduction, increasing the efficiency of conversion processes, improving product quality and/or decreasing the use of raw materials.