In ISPT’s POPUP-X project partners work together on creating a virtual reality application. This application enables anyone to experience technology anytime anywhere through virtual and augmented reality. Factories and wind parks arise when a visitor steps into the virtual world of Popup X. Industrial Technologies 2016, Industrial Processing and the Working Conference of the Topsector Energy, more and more people all over the Netherlands are given the opportunity to experience what POPUP-X has to offer.

Recently POPUP-X produced an official trademark: POPUP-X-Perience®. POPUP-X-Perience is the high-tech showcase for the Dutch Process Industry, utilizing the unique possibilities of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to promote process technology. In addition to the experience on offer at events, POPUP-X-Perience also offers a further introduction to Process Technology online. Here you can discover the 3D Technology Gallery (soon to be integrated in the ISPT-website), which offers Technology Suppliers in sustainable process technology the chance to have their 3D-models promoted online. Reach out to us to find out how your 3D-models can be added to the collection!

To find out more about POPUP X, read the interview with project leader Frans van den Akker.

Amsterdam, 22 juni 2016. Industrial Technologies 2016 creating a Smart Europe Photo Martijn Beekman / Netherlands Enterprise Agency