ISPT believes that radical sustainable processing can only be achieved when research and implementation is done in cooperation, whereby the contribution is maximized and the risks are minimized.


To efficiently guid our ambition ISPT has developed a roadmap whereby all collaborations in the ISPT-network are divided in a cluster or in a single project.


A cluster is an execution form for a set of innovation activities carried out in an open consortium, with an open end, where activities are initiated and ended in consultation with all participants, and where all results are shared. Partners jointly work on realizing roadmap projects. Particiaption in a Project is based on a fee that represents the needs and competences of the partners.


A project is an execution form for a focused (set of) activity aimed at delivering a clearly described deliverable in a limited time-span and with fixed resources. Participation in a Project is based on a fee that is determined by the desired outcome and deliverables of the project. A project can also be a technology demonstration projects.