SME transforms knowledge into new commercial processes. With open innovation and the dynamics of spin-offs and spin-ins this will only grow. SME actively participates in the ISPT innovation program.
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ISPT instruments for SME:

SME contact group
Creativity originates where different disciplines and knowledge meet. The SME contact group regularly organizes thematic meetings for participants and non-participants. A major topic of the meetings is to come up with new radical solutions for industrial challenges together. Interested? Contact

Techno projects
Technology validation projects offer SME the chance to demonstrate their innovative technology for industrial streams of enduser industries. Multiple success stories prove that this leads to fast implementation of new technologies. For information about how to submit an idea for a Techno project, please contact our office.

Roadmap participation
ISPT frequently reviews her roadmap with all relevant stakeholders. SME plays an important role in this process. SME defines her technological and programmatic objectives and performance indicators. In this way SME gives direction to the ISPT discovery and development program.

Business development support
ISPT supports start-ups from implementations to the next phase. We provide coaching on organizational issues and advice on patent policy. We offer SME shared facilities and infrastructures to reduce costs. We help SME to participate in exhibitions and congresses and actively communicate technological successes within the international processing community.

Financial & Funding support
ISPT supports the SME to obtain finance and / or funding for their innovation initiatives via:

  • match making with other running innovation projects
  • developing new innovation consortia including the financial arrangements
  • providing information about project related public funding sources

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