At ISPT experts from different backgrounds and disciplines work together on innovation. Both in the field and at the former Johan van Oldebarnevelt gymnasium in Amersfoort. Meet us all.

Frans van den Akker

Operational Program Manager

As operational program manager I fulfill the role of cluster director of the Drying & Dewatering cluster and the Social Acceptance cluster, and I am manager of the Innovation Academy.

P: +31 33 700 9793

Andreas ten Cate

Director International Business Development

P: +31 33 700 9794

Anna Flammos

Executive Assistant & Relationship Officer

As executive assistent I assist the director is his daily tasks. Furthermore, as relationship officer I am responsible for building and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders in the ISPT network. Please contact me for further information with regard to our network.

P: +31 33 700 9792

Lisa Groothuis

Communications Manager

In my daily work as Communications Manager I am always busy connecting people from industry with those from knowledge institutes and government. All communication activities are designed to share knowledge and to foster cooperation.

P: +31 33 700 9799

Ton Hulsebos

Patent Attorney

I am responsible for matters concerning intellectual property, in particular handling inventions and patent applications, and, in addition, for simple legal issues.

P: +31 (0)10 511 6375

Tjeerd Jongsma

Director ISPT

P: +31 33 700 9790

Jan Koning

SME Account-Manager

Jan coordinates the SME at ISPT and supports SME technology suppliers with involvement in ISPT projects and business set-up.

P: +32 47 397 6135

Ann Noë

Finance Manager

In my job as financial manager the greatest challenge is to translate the complex world of subsidy rules and regulation to inspiring innovation programs.

P: +31 33 700 9789

Menno Plantenga

Operational Program Manager

+31 33 700 9795

Klaartje Rietkerken

Operational Program Manager

P: +31 33 700 9798

Daniella Vrijling

HR Department and Research School Process Technology (OSPT)
HR Manager

P: +31 33 700 9797

Anne van der Zwaan

Program Officer

You are welcome to contact me regarding: Program and Project Management Support, Contract Administration Participants, Intranet Environment - Promise Suite Supervision, Customer Relations Management and ICT.

P: +31 33 700 9796

Agata van Oosten-Siedlecka

European Program Officer

P: +31 (0) 33 700 9760

Dajo Steendam


P: +31 (0)33 700 9797

Jasper Witte

Communications Officer

P: +31 (0)33 700 97 88