We build and maintain a trusted based network in which partners collaborate on break through innovations. This is achieved by the innovative way of working and by the open and active character of the knowledge infrastructure.


In the ISPT network SME’s, industry partners, research institutes, knowledge insitutes and governments join forces to collaborate in mission driven programs.

Participants appreciate the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology because of:

  • The active, inspiring and trusted community regarding process technology.
  • The bringing together of companies and knowledge institutes for research and development.
  • The identification of new and relevant trends in process technology.
  • The effective and broad dissemination of knowledge.
  • The ability to initiate and manage big complex long term programs as an independent party (from fundamental through breakthrough to demonstration).
  • The appreciated and accepted way of working so that projects can quickly start and costs and risks are shared.
  • The bringing together of industries and knowledge institutes to stimulate and develop the process technology education.
  • The identification of financial possibilities and optimally utilizing these options to support the set goals.


Joining the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology means access to knowledge, people and education which support you to be great at what you do.

Together we realize a circular and carbon neutral industry in 2050

In the Tapis d’Energie we visualise how we are moving from a carbon based economy now towards a circular economy in 2050, highlighting the importance of the role the industry has to play.

Maintaining the trust and confidence of her stakeholders is crucial to ISPT’s objectives. To merit this trust, ISPT conducts herself according to the set of principles as found her Code of Conduct.