Our mission is to achieve change through technological innovation and cooperation. How does technological innovation come about? It’s initiated and executed by people. We need skilled people and we need to expand our knowledge. Education is vital in accelerating the introduction of new knowledge into society. That is why the ISPT gives priority to education and the development of talent, our chemical engineering human capital.

Innovation Academy

The Institute for Sustainable Process Technology believes that people drive innovation and that is why we launched the ISPT Innovation academy. The objective of the Innovation Academy is to work on the development of students and professionals via the dissemination of state of the art knowledge about process technology and innovation.

The Innovation Academy consists of:

  • The Process Technology Talent Program (PTTP) The Process Technology Talent Program, or PTTP,  was founded to help develop young talent in the process industry. Every year a cohort of 15 to 20 second year students starts the 2,5 year program. They follow masterclasses that broaden their horizon and are taught by many of the experts in the field. They go on field trips and meet companies who may later need their unique insights to solve problems. Students deal with real problems in the industry hands on. This provides a valuable connection to the field that they would not otherwise have had during their education.
  • The Research School in Process Technology (OSPT) Offers courses primarily for PhD-students process technology and post-graduate students following the two-year course ‘designer/developer in the Process Technology’ at one of the Dutch Technical Universities. They have priority with respect to admittance and registration at the courses. PhD-students from all research schools and postdocs and staff members from industries and technological institutes can participate. Please note that in 2019 we will offer a new set of courses and the schedule will be available here.


Innovation Toolset

“Designing meaningful solutions  begins with gaining deep empathy for the needs, hopes and aspirations of all stakeholders.”  (HCD design method)

Since ISPT’s inception various tools and methods have been developed and discovered that suit our workplace. The multiple  workshop formats help us to translate the goals of the innovation stakeholders into frameworks, opportunities, solutions, and prototypes. These Tools were drawn from Ideo’s Human Centred Design method, process management literature and the International Association of Facilitators framework, among other sources. The result is a portfolio of tools. You can find the innovation toolset here.


Popup X-perience

Also part of the educational experiences that the ISPT has to offer is the Popup X-perience. We have many different so called ‘Walkthroughs’ where we use VR to help educate or inform the users. A Virtual Reality walkthrough of, for example, the textile museum, shows the user around as if he or she was really there. It’s a very educational experience. Popup X-perience is also experimenting with Augmented Reality, or AR.