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The DIGITAL mission

Use digitization to obtain predictive quality, predictive cost, predictive supply and predictive maintenance, and enable information sharing across the supply and value chain and across production plants.

The current activities on Industry4.0 include:

  • Research Projects:
    Grip – Inspec – Improvise – WeCare – Batch Control Pharma
  • Education activities
  • Network activities on open innovation activities
  • Dissemination/communication activities

Within the projects we work with end users, technology suppliers, academia and government on the topics of industry 4.0.

Main areas of interest are: application of new inline sensor technologies, artificial intelligence within operations, ontology definition to enable accessibility and interoperability, exploration of in silico research and augmented reality for maintenance topics.

Cluster Director
Frans van den Akker 
Program Officer
Meine Koeslag



13 nov 2019: STRATEGY EVENT Industry 4.0 Community

The digitization theme is an active and important theme with a growing number of active projects with over 25 participants. Industry 4.0 cluster supports the application of digital technologies in research, operations, and maintenance. Our applied and fundamental research involves industrial data spaces and data sharing across companies, with related attention for security and standardisation (projects IOF and AIDA). We build chains of sensors, data analysis and visualisation in multiple projects such as the project Measurements4Management. Another main topic is artificial intelligence, with applications for advanced process control (project INSPEC), predictive maintenance (project ERGO), research (project IOF) and technology scouting for multiple applications. We look for usage of digitalisation to improve traceability of transactions and enable certification of green products and energy.

We are excited to invite you for the upcoming  open strategy event for the ISPT Industry 4.0 community. During this event we will discuss our intentions for new projects, our role in the nation AI coalition , the upcoming funding possibilities and our strategic intent. We will introduce the new way of technology scouting that we apply using Artificial intelligence

The event will be held in Amersfoort on the 13th of November 2019 starting at 9:30 – 15:00

Topics on the agenda:

  • Presentations on  New projects
    • Dec 2019 2M new project proposal of  Measurements for Management by university of Nijmegen and WUR together with several industrial partners, which optimized inline data gathering with analytics and visualization
    • May 2020 1-2M new project proposal: applied research towards  benefits of digital twinning for maintenance and CIP optimization, a project to investigate what twinning brings on top of modelling  and will create insight in barriers and drivers for twinning, together with World class Maintenance
    • May 2020:3-4M  a larger project that investigates the ins and outs of datasharing across supply chains and sites, investigating data integration platforms for a chosen application direction focusing on a set of topics related with datadefinitions, data sovereignity, access to new types of data  and new sources of data relevant for process technology domains.
  • Presentation bij TKI E&I on funding approaches as a result of the mission oriented innovation programs that are being formulated for industrial missions
  • Presentation by Findest and ISPT on new Technology Scouting approach and the results of this scouting approach for
    • In-silico Research
    • Traceability across the value chain
  • Presentation by ISPT  on the approach we take for Artificial Intelligence program and our involvement in the Nederlandse AI coalitie
  • Presentation by ISPT on Capacity Building approach for digitization
  • Discussion with attendees about urgency, need and ease of integration of various technologies

If you are interested in joining us on the 13th of November please register here

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________19 September 2019: How industry plays a crucial role in establishing a sustainable future

Springtij Forum, taking place from 26 until 28 September on the Dutch isle of Terschelling, unites policy makers, financiers, designers, scientists, and others, to realize a sustainable future. This provides food for thought for society as a whole, including industry that has dedicated itself to implementing sustainable innovations: a crucial role that is often overlooked in the public debate on sustainability.

The ultimate goal is, of course, a fully green industry. And one of the means to realize that is digitization, on which Frans van den Akker is ISPT’s expert. He explains how digitization is key in several areas: ‘In research, operations, maintenance, logistics, it has so many applications.’ It is a fast way to achieve results. ‘With digitization we can quickly reduce our energy use by at least 20 to 30 percent. By applying artificial intelligence in the maintenance of engines we can predict when they will start to fail. But digitization is also present in new analytical equipment, and digital ways to process data that allow us to research patents and new technologies. Advanced process control is especially successful, because you don’t have to build new factories for it, the implementation of new software will be sufficient.’

Find the full news flash here