Themes: DNS Approach to Emulsions – Collapsing Films in Emulsions – Condensate Quality– Steel Slag Upgrading and PCC Production – Zero BrineMulti Phase Flow – Forward Osmosis

This cluster consists of a number of activities centered around water processing:

• Continuous sustainable gas and oil production requires adequate water treatment and focusses at the treatment of produced water and improved and enhanced oil recovery, overboard water, injection,….
• The treatment of salt containing process streams and mineral recovery for shale gas winning. This allows to comply with water regulations and requirements and to obtain a cost effective production of a clean water and sludge stream and a dry waste stream.

Themes currently being investigated are oil recovery and hydro carbides removal and minerals removal, removal of valuables from water based industrial process streams.



The ECWRTI project sets a leading industrial example by demonstrating the scale-up of the EColoRO concept that allows to close the water cycle in the textile industry, achieving an unprecedented sustainability performance.

The new technology has two major advantages: it enables textile mills to reduce fresh water consumption by up to 90 percent, and it lowers their wastewater treatment costs. Other advantages include relatively low energy consumption, no additional chemicals, and no required changes to existing processes. EColoRO’s innovative approach integrates electrocoagulation with systems that are already being used in industrial applications, accelerating the step to commercial market implementation when the project completes.

The ECWRTI consortium consists of seven partners from SMEs, end-users, research institutes, textile confederation from four EU countries with ISPT as project coordinator.

For more information visit the ECWRTI-website or contact us.